Tricks to Get Better Sleep, without Sleeping Pills

The major reason for insomnia is that many people wake up at odd timings during the night and face difficulties in falling back to sleep. This issue can lead to severe health problems and if not treated properly, it can have worse consequences.

Even when sleeping pills seem like a blessing in treating insomnia, they have their own side effects. Due to this fact, they must be kept as the last possible option. Here are some tips that can help you gain a better night sleep without sleeping pills.

Tricks to Get Better Sleep, without Sleeping Pills

The 4-7-8

This is a technique which was invented by Andrew Weil (a holistic healing doctor). What do you have to do in this? It is simple! You need to touch the ridge behind your top front teeth with the help of your tongue and then exhale. You then need to breathe through your nose and count till 4. Now hold your breath and count till 7. You now have to blow air out of your mouth till you count 8. You have to repeat this technique 3 times in a row to start seeing the effects.

According to Andrew Weil, this technique really works as it delivers more oxygen to the parasympathetic nervous system. If you do this regularly, your sleeping pattern will get back to normal.

Hot Water Bottle

With a body temperature of 65 degree, you will be able to sleep better and naturally. You can get this body temperature with the help of a hot water bottle. You can simply place a hot water bottle near your feet. This helps to distribute heat from your limbs to all your blood vessels and body. This allows you to sleep peacefully.

Switch Off your TV and Phone

Being able to sleep during noon is nothing less than art and not all people can do it. This is due to the fact that light plays a key role in some people’s life and aids them in falling asleep; it can be artificial or natural light. Thus, it is recommended that artificial light or bright electronics should be kept out of sight before you go to bed. This means, switching off your TV and smartphone and do not check upon it again and again.

Through these simple and easy tips, you can get a peaceful sleep at night. If you still can’t fall asleep after trying these tips than you should try køb melatonin sleeping pills.