Get Along the Groove with a Pashmina Statement & Which Colour?

Pashminas! The term which connects to posh and luxury is the product of the finest craftsmanship of artisans from Kashmir, Nepal and Tibet.

Being a true symbol of sophistication and elegance, this pashmina is a perfect adornment for one and all. To be honest, half of its charm comes from its simplicity mainly because of its meek appearance with subtle colours.

teal coloured pashmina

One of the shades which are preferred by the fashionmongers is teal.


A teal coloured pashmina is what the fashion police is drooling over. Its regal vibe and unique shade seamlessly give a pleasing effect in the eyes of the beholder. However, owing to its unique hue, many girls find it tedious to team up any teal pashmina with other outfits.

Catering to their needs, here are some startling tricks for pairing the teal pashmina effortlessly.

Make your travel comfortable with teal and coral

Not to mention, coral is in vogue. So, get the best airport-look by wearing anything in coral and combined with teal.

Here you go!

Get into the coral top from Caslon Lace & Slub Knit Tank as filigree is the ultimate source of comfort which every journey entails. Finish this look by embracing the teal pashmina like a poncho and take-off for a journey.

By the way, for your bottom wear, you may consider one pair of Curve 360 Skinny Bootcut Jeans or even harem pants to stay comfy yet sassy throughout the travel.

However, if you are bored of tops and jeans, dress in a coral Cotton Eyelet Short Sleeve Dress adhering to a bit of eccentric style. Now, add a finishing touch with teal pashmina to look great.

Be a fashion initiator in the office with orange

Bored with those routine dresses at the office? Time to get a completely new look by taking your exquisite teal wrap. For instance, pair your cashmere with a semi-formal orange shirt tucked in black denim.

Even you can try this particular Halogen Lace and Crepe Top with Curve 360 Black Bootcut Jeans and tag along with the wrap like a neck scarf rendering an ever-stylish look.

FYI, the scientific reason why teal looks great with orange is because both these colours have a similar hue in the colour wheel.

Let people go awe-struck with white

Attend any semi-formal or informal event with white and teal as these make a killer combination. Take for example a white slim fit shirt. It can be a perfect option to pair with teal floral pencil skirt.

Now, an addition of your teal  pashmina will change the look, making it more interesting and pleasing.

Cashmere shawl is priceless and so are you! Therefore, get on the fashion track with a teal pashmina bringing in the exclusivity of designs and colours.

Remember, wrong choice of colour selection can completely mar an entire outfit, spoiling the look. So, follow the tips mentioned above and rock any day with teal wraps – making sure your pashmina price is at the best price for your budget.