ACE Personal Trainer Courses Certification Review

I am going to say something about ACE, the site of theirs is a difficult one to learn about their certifications. Each one of what is pointed out below is actually on the ACE site itself, but there is so much junk on the website of theirs that it’s so much easier to simply toss all of the important things into one page which you can simply bookmark for quick reference.

Is Ace NCCA Certified?

Indeed, ACE is a well-respected personal instruction certification. It’s a number of great certifications available, including:

  1. Personal Trainer (PT) – standard
  2. Group Fitness Instructor (GFI)
  3. Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant (LWMC)
  4. Clinical Exercise Specialist (CSE)


Let’s talk about the serious products, the EXAM! Well, like many personal trainer courses certification organizations, ACE doesn’t require that you actually show any person that you know something about how to properly be a trainer in individual!

All you have to accomplish is sit as well as have a computer system (or perhaps pencil) test. It is like taking a drivers test behind a computer…well, that is all that ACE needs. They firmly recommend that you choose to do 100 hours of practical, hands on experience, although it’s hardly a requirement.

So what do you have to learn? Let us start with where the examination originates from and the way it is produced.


Allegedly, a team of business professionals analyzes private instruction requirements to develop an outline of your average expected job tasks, knowledge and competency sets needed to perform an individual training work safely and effectively. The outcomes from this are then made into a survey, which is actually delivered to a random sample of fitness professionals to, hopefully, validate the presumptions.

Somehow from this, a set of questions are selected to be approved by the “exam committee” that will determine what are questions that are great and what go into the trash. And that is generally how these exams are created!

A “passing score” is driven by calculating (secretly, of course) the actual challenges of the exam questions. The aim of yours is to obtain a passing score the very first time.

You will find 150 questions on each certification exam, and you’ve 3 hours to complete the exam. The Personal Trainer assessment also mixes it up as well as adds two prepared simulation questions.

A simulation question checks the ability of yours to identify as well as use information you can expect on a genuine job. These are probably so ACE feels better about itself when it doesn’t require you to show several practical skills. For example:

You have a different client fill out an introductory form and get the following info: Age: thirty nine Height: 5253 Weight: 135 lbs. Lean body mass: 103 lbs. Triceps measurement: fifteen mm Suprailium measurement: 25 mm Thigh: 34 mm. What’s this clients body fat percentage?

The ACE test isn’t the easiest, it is not the hardest, and there’s quite a lot of information on the web about sample examination concerns.

Examination Materials

ACE sells its own study materials. (That’s the guess of mine as to exactly where the real cash is made…)

They injure it within “Study Material”, “Study Aids”, and then practice exams. The Study Materials is really what you would expect; books, instructions, and others. The Study Aids are living workshops and online courses. Lastly you will find train exams given online.

The costs vary whether you have the Premier, Deluxe, or Standard package. Essentially it will run you between $300-1dolar1 400 for the examination substances. The big difference between the three is actually small, so check their latest offerings to find out if you really need the Premier for the added $100.

Every three months or even so, the ACE certification group runs an examination Review training course in major cities in the US. For a simple $220 (plus travel, hotel, etc) you are able to receive two days of asking questions about items that concern you. (It can furthermore be counted as 1.6 CEC’s towards your 2.0 CEC requirement, see below for more on CEC’s)

personal trainers

I do not know, but all that cash to question a few questions…seems including the neighborhood ACE certified instructor at the gym of mine must be able to explain it to me for the cost of a latte. Up to you just how you prefer to find out! But in case you need help before you sit for the exam, this’s an alternative.

Furthermore every 3 weeks, ACE runs a 2 day Practical Training course. This particular 15 hour course is supposed to provide you with insight into critical regions such as Assessment, Program Design, and Strength Training. This runs about $300 and may be counted as 1.5 CEC’s. Once more, in case you need assistance prior to the examination, this’s a plan.

The Online Diagnostic Test costs aproximatelly $30 and, but as the website tells my mac here…, it is only compatible with Windows. You get a sample of real issues from older exams and I think it provides a much better feeling for what the examination truly will be like on examination day. I do not know about you, but doing something when tends to make the 2nd try – even if the stuff is actually 100 % different – far less stressful and easier.

If there’s a thing I recommend doing before the ACE certification, do the thirty dolars Online Diagnostic Test!


There is a fairly short list of eligibility needs for the ACE exams:

– You should be no less than eighteen years of age

– You must hold an adult CPR certification and this has to be current with the time of the exam


There are 2 formats you can take the ACE certification examination in; good ol’ fashioned computer or pencil-and-paper. In contrast to everything makes sense, the computer exam costs more than the pencil-and-paper examination. Well, whatever, right? I suppose getting the answer right away is really worth the extra dough.

Allow me to share the current expenses for taking an ACE exam:

  1. Paper as well as Pencil Format (Canada) and U.S.
  2. First Time: PT – $219
  3. Retake: PT – $135
  4. 2nd ACE Certification: $150 for any certification.
  5. Personal computer Based Format (Only obtainable in the U.S.)
  6. Very first Time: PT – $249
  7. Retake: PT – $184
  8. 2nd ACE Certification: All are actually $199

Continuing Education Credits

Good ol’ Continuing Education Credits (CEC), each company does it differently. ACE calls for them, but thankfully you are able to apply them to all your certifications if you’ve numerous ACE certifications. (Like Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor) So there is no penalty for including certifications. (The way you do need to spend to renew each certificate! What did you imagine, a free lunch?)

Here’s precisely how ACE’s CEC’s work, first among all ACE requires that you obtain 2.0 CEC’s before your 2 year renewal period. What counts as a CEC credit? Well, 0.1 recognition is but one hour of instruction. Which means that for 2.0 CEC’s, you require twenty hours of organized “ACE learning” before the renewal period of yours.

ACE offers their own CEC’s or you can purchase a wide range of credits from various other organizations. Often college credit counts, CPR recertification counts, etcetera. In essence whatever you have to calculate directly into the certification of yours is the fact that you’ll need to spend with the two-year lifetime of your certification for at least twenty hours of additional instruction or perhaps recertification classes.

CEC’s are such a wonderful way to add a bit of capabilities to your repertoire. (Who expected me to utilize that word?) Maybe add yoga Instructor or Pilates and you won’t just get your CEC credits, you will open up lots of brand new programs for the career of yours. As well as it may be pleasurable and an effective network opportunity.


As mentioned earlier, the certification of yours is valid for a two year period. During that 2 years, you need to finish 2.0 CEC’s and then & submit the renewal application(s) of yours and fee(s) to ACE before the certification of yours expires.

Each certification has a sixty nine dolars renewal fee. Luckily, you can restore at any time throughout the certification period of yours, so you don’t rub the danger of being uncertified while waiting for all of the processing. Better still, renewing early does not change your two year certification period.

In case you are a procrastinator, then you’re going to spend on it…ACE certification renewals up to two weeks after your expiration date have a renewal fee of $89. For renewals between two and 6 months, the fee is hundred nine dolars.

In the event that you are really late, like after 6 months, you might be expected to take the certification test once again. Which wouldn’t be an intelligent move!


The ACE certification is great recognized in the industry and well respected. It’s testing format does enable for a considerable amount of really bad trainers to get’ certified’ and tarnish our picture with the customers of ours. Clearly, I feel strongly that ACE let us us down with it is lax examination as well as experience requirements for PT’s.

Nonetheless, there are many very good trainers with the ACE certification that the number of bad coaches that have your certification will not impact your work in probably the slightest.

My suggestion is working at a gym part time while you are studying for ones ACE certification examination to get the practical skills that ACE ignores. This should also get the network going, get you comfortable dealing with clients, as well as explain to you in case it’s truly the job for you before you plunk down hundreds of bucks.